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If you’re looking for creative ideas on making bulletin boards out of great, cheap, or unusual materials, ideas on how to design a bulletin board or how to make your bulletin board interesting to the kids in your classroom, Bulletin Board Decorating is the right place.

BulletinBoardDecorating.com was set up to collect some ideas I have, ideas I’ve found in my searching, and ideas readers send in to make creative bulletin boards. While I’m usually working on mine for my house, a lot of visitors to this site are teachers or moms looking for ideas to make the spaces for their children better, so I’ve been collecting resources and ideas for the classroom and for kids too!

  • Rock and Roll Bulletin Boards
    Always a great theme for the classroom, Rock and Roll inspires a lot of creativity. There are lots of everyday materials and resources you can use to spark some ideas. You [More...]
  • Classroom Door Decorations
    Classroom door decorating is the latest challenge in design in the school. It can get pretty difficult to keep coming up with new and unique designs. If you haven't browsed [More...]
  • Bulletin Board Backgrounds
    Bulletin board backgrounds come in all kinds of colors and materials. Everyone is familiar with the standard bulletin board background, the cork board. A few have even ventured into the [More...]
  • Great Easter Bulletin Board Ideas
    April is the month of Easter bulletin boards, Spring bulletin boards, Passover bulletin boards and Earth Day. All in all a great month for some creative bulletin boards. Think cutout bunnies, [More...]
  • April Bulletin Board Ideas for Decorating
    April is a fun month for bulletin board decorating.  It's warmer and while thoughts might start drifting to the end of the school year, there are still plenty of days [More...]

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