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Classroom Door Decorations

Classroom door decorating is the latest challenge in design in the school. It can get pretty difficult to keep coming up with new and unique designs. If you haven’t browsed around the site already, there are a few pages that can help you with ideas, after all decorating a classroom door isn’t much different than decorating a bulletin board.

The Bulletin Board Backgrounds page is great for ideas on what to put on the surface of the door. The Bulletin Board Materials page has some great ideas for a few more materials. And don’t forget to check out the DIY Category for some really nice inspiration.

Classroom Door Decorating Ideas

How to make a beautiful classroom door

- Choose a theme – great design comes from a single idea coming through as a clear message. You can use movies, holidays, hobbies, sports, current events, games, and important figures to start thinking about themes.

- Involve your class – kids are great at coming up with interesting directions and ideas

- Keep it simple – a clear message will always be understood and liked better than a busy one.

- Pose a challenge or question – getting people involved makes your classroom door the memorable one.

- Make it interactive – Do you remember writing on a friends cast? Everyone does, participation creates memories. Get students and teachers to contribute and suddenly a simple door becomes a creative community.

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Bulletin Board Backgrounds

Bulletin board backgrounds come in all kinds of colors and materials. Everyone is familiar with the standard bulletin board background, the cork board. A few have even ventured into the exotics – colored paper. But, now you’re ready for something new. Hopefully in this post you’ll pick up a few new bulletin board background ideas and start your creative juices flowing.

Bulletin Board Background Ideas

  • Fabric background - Cover your board with remnants from a local fabric store, old tshirts, or scraps of whatever you’ve got lying around for a fun look.
  • Tablecloth – You can find cheap tablecloths in all kinds of patterns and they make great covers for your bulletin boards.
  • Newspaper, Magazines, Books, Junk Mail – Anything printed and collaged or grouped together tastefully makes a beautiful board background, even junk mail!
  • Paint – You can get a small bucket of paint, or even paint samples and create something unique. This works great with a projector to project an image or design up on the background as you’re painting.
  • Wrapping Paper – Cheap, and you’ve probably already got some left over. Comes in all sorts of patterns and especially easy to match around holiday time to get those holiday themes.
  • Wallpaper – TONS of patterns and can make a really great impression
  • Burlap, Trash bags, Bubble Wrap, Butcher Paper, Bed Sheets, Concert Tshirts, and other materials you’ve walked by a hundred times can make a great background for your bulletin board.

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