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Bulletin Boards for Easter

Teachers and parents looking for ideas for the Easter bulletin board? Look no further. The easter bulletin board is all about the Easter bunny and Easter eggs, and we’ve got some great ideas for making both.

Easter Eggs for the Bulletin Board

Modern Parents – Messy Kids has a great post on simple, FREE, and beautiful easter egg design. All it takes is some scissors and a trip to the local hardware store. You know all of those paint chips that show the thousands of different shades of blues, reds, greens, and yellows? Well, cut them up in an oval pattern and they make great easter eggs!


Easter Bunny for the Bulletin Board

Now that we have our eggs, we need some great easter bunny ideas. Over at Happy Clippings they’ve created a great springtime easter bunny banner. Simple materials again – paper, a hole puncher, buttons, scissors, glue, and ribbon – combine to make a great art project.

Ribbon bulletin board

Over at the Robyn Nest, she’s building a simple diy bulletin board with some basic materials from Hobby Lobby.

I found this adorable fabric at Hobby Lobby for $9 a yard (called Tres Chic by Waverly) and the colors went perfectly with Baby Girl’s room.  I googled directions for making a ribbon bulletin board and discovered I already owned the tools (iron, hammer, staple gun, glue gun), I just needed some of the supplies.

I stopped by Home Depot to pick up a 24″x48″ quarter-inch-thick piece of plywood and had them cut it into two 24″x24″ pieces for me.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought batting, cord trim, ribbon, and upholstery tacks.

fabric bulletin board with ribbon

Her summary points are great.

Buy thicker wood than 1/4″.

Don’t use a staple gun if you do go with the thin wood.

Don’t hammer upholstery tacks on your kitchen table.

Hot glue burns aren’t that bad in the first 5 minutes of plugging in the gun.



A beautiful bulletin board for the wedding

Bulletin boards and weddings?! You bet. Miss Brooch has a post up on wedding bee with a great idea for a wedding reception bulletin board.

She asks all of the guests to fill out little note cards and builds a diy bulletin board to display them on.

Blue Ribbon DIY Wedding Bulletin Board

It turns out very nice and will be a beautiful memento for the wedding couple. She gets very creative with a pillowcase, some ribbon, and a stapler to create this wonderful design.

making a bulletin board of simple fabric

The first step is to select your background fabric and ribbon. For this tutorial, I’m using a tea towel and some gray grosgrain. I altered the tea towel slightly to make the size compatible with a 16” x 20” stretched canvas.

Iron the fabric to remove any creases. Place the batting on top of the canvas, and the fabric on top of the batting. Smooth the fabric/batting layer taut and position as desired. Holding the fabric and batting around the edges, turn the project over.
Staple each fabric/batting edge in the center, then turn the board over and make sure you’re happy with the position of the fabric. If not, remove stapes and redo.

Then staple the rest of the edges and the corners…

…Tucking corners in as neatly as possible.

Turn the board over. Determine whether you prefer to place the ribbon diagonally or horizontally, and cut strips to fit (plus 2”-3” extra at each end). I like to “weave” mine as I would with a pie crust lattice. Once you’re pleased with their positions, use bits of masking or painter’s tape to hold them in place.

Carefully turn the board over. Following the angles of the ribbon pieces, wrap them around the edges, pulling taut, and staple into place.

Trim any long ends.

Turn the board back over, remove the tape, and hang or display the finished bulletin board as desired

Other Fabric Bulletin Board Ideas

You can also use fabric to cover cork or foam-core boards. No ribbon is needed for these; you can use regular push pins to display mementos (or make your own push pins with vintage buttons, tacks, and a glue gun).

If you prefer magnets, paint a piece of plywood with magnetic paint (at least three coats are recommended), then cover the board with a piece of lightweight fabric, using the stapling method described above. Rare-earth or sheet magnets are said to work best with magnetic paint. Google “magnetic paint” or visit your local home-improvement store to find these supplies.


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